Anasayfa Etkinlik 11th Islamic Economics Workshop!

11th Islamic Economics Workshop!


Research Center for Islamic Economics (IKAM), in collaboration with the Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (İGİAD) and Istanbul 29 Mayis University Economic and Financial Systems Application and Research Center (EFSAM), will organize its 11th Islamic Economics Workshop from 13 to 15 October 2023 under the theme “Islamic Economics and Environment.”

Starting with the Industrial Revolution, especially after the World War II, the industrial production and consumption mechanism, as well as the economic growth ideal at all costs has spread to wider geographies day by day. Especially, to begin with Northern Hemisphere, economic growth and global consumption habits have led to the irresponsible use of natural resources. Global consumption habits, besides natural resources, led to the deterioration of social, economic and political balances and structures. This economic, social and ecological crisis, which we can define it as a crisis, significantly increases the risk of ecological scarcity, poverty, income inequality, energy, waste, land problems, infectious diseases and as a much bigger crisis, natural resource wars. Importance of green economy studies come in view as a result of these risks.

The green economy provides a macro understanding to all responsible people that there is a need to transform the relationship of industrial production-consumption habits between humans and with the planet. It is obvious that this global crisis cannot be resolved with various reforms and regulations. Therefore, it is necessary to design and implement a new environment focused order on all dimensions. As a result of the current problems and necessities, the need for a fair world and a fruitful economic understanding is felt deeply. With the needs and requirements mentioned, Islamic Economics Research Center (IKAM), which serves under the umbrella of ILKE Science Culture Education Foundation, is conducting 11th Islamic Economics Workshop with the title of “Islamic Economics and Environment”. IKAM aims to cover the subject of “Islamic Economics and Environment” in a comprehensive manner, where the subject will be discussed and analyzed by the experts conceptually, theoretically and practically.

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